Visiting Beaulieu Road

The New Forest isn’t too far from my home in Hampshire and one of the easiest to get to and must go places in the New Forest is by Beaulieu Road Station.

The New Forest is well known for its wild ponies as well as the cattle and donkeys that are also free to roam.  The heath-land here looks amazing, with many insects and birds such as pipits, finches and stonechats.


Following the path that is initially running parallel with train track southwards there are a lot of small ponds that when I was there had a few ponies as well as geese and lapwings around them.  Fortunately enough the horses, donkeys and the highland cattle that I found near one of the car parks were rather friendly and it was easy to take fairly good photos of them.

Apart from a large buzzard soaring I was unable to see any birds of prey which was a little bit of a let down as I had read that hobbys were often seen around Beaulieu Road.

Broadwalk with the deer viewing platform allowing you to spot fallow deer, is also a must in the New Forest but is impossible to get to via public transport, unless you’re willing to walk a fair bit.

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I'm Alex from the south of England. I have always been fascinated with the natural world & I am currently studying zoology at Reading University

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