I setup this blog simply to talk about my passions.  I am hugely enthusiastic in all kinds of wildlife including those that are often viewed upon as repulsive or scary.  I would say I have had this passion for as long as I can remember (which is a little cliche).  Collecting random bits of wool, feathers, eggs etc from a young age and reading animal books and encyclopedias where I was more interested in the pictures where there’d be as many animals crammed into a scene at once.  I was fascinated by different structures and capabilities different species would possess and how amazing that was.

It wasn’t until my teens I got more concerned about conservation (although I knew it was happening, the innocence of childhood blurred out the severity) and I started small by volunteering for the Hampshire & IOW wildlife trust and then volunteering at a reasonably close animal shelter.  I am now hugely passionate in photography especially wildlife and animals which tend to be my main subjects. I have also gone to study Zoology at Reading University and hopefully will complete it this time, as I pulled out of my last university due to mental health issues (but I have no regrets about that anymore).

I may have views on here that people may disagree with but I am always welcome to new ways of thinking and a lot of my thoughts I have taken a lot of consideration in.  Comments and feedback are very welcome, as healthy arguments benefit all of our understandings.

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