#Endspeciesism, a trend among animal activists

I wouldn’t be surprised if you had no idea that speciesism was a word or if it even existed. Even writing this blog post, the word is underlined red like it’s some sort of spelling mistake. The definition of speciesism is the idea that certain animals are seen to be superior to others. Animals inContinue reading “#Endspeciesism, a trend among animal activists”

Penguin Awareness Day 2019

Of the 18 species of penguin, over half are listed as vulnerable or at higher risk! All penguins, apart from the Galapagos penguin, dwell in the southern hemisphere. Perhaps the first thing you think of when you think of Antarctica, the majority of penguin species actually live in the southern parts of Africa, South America,Continue reading “Penguin Awareness Day 2019”

Poached By Park Rangers

Three Kruger National Park rangers have been arrested on suspicion of poaching rhinos that they were ‘protecting’. “Slowly but surely we are coming to grips with people within our ranks who are sabotaging our efforts in this campaign. We still have confidence in those who are committed and loyal; and would like to encourage them toContinue reading “Poached By Park Rangers”