Tarantulas Are Perfect To Keep

September/October of last year I had a strong desire to keep something exotic and interesting. Like most people the thought of owning a very large spider wasn’t top of my list.  But after careful and long consideration I settled on a young Mexican giant red knee tarantula (Brachypelma smithi)who, with the help of housemates afterContinue reading “Tarantulas Are Perfect To Keep”

If You Can, You Should Rescue Chickens

Around February, my family decided to rescue four hens from over-crowded, tightly packed and filthy conditions after they were rescued from going to slaughter.  They had never before experienced the outside, the feel of grass or any knowledge on how to live like normal chickens.  They were reasonably underweight and virtually redundant of any feathers.Continue reading “If You Can, You Should Rescue Chickens”